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PV – 500


Automatic machine is configured for the:

  • printing of 2D code (Datamatrix) and Human Readable data on lateral (front or back side) carton flap
  • serialization tasks, camera vision control for print control

Machine operates at speed up to 60 m / min and capacity of up to 400 boxes / min.

Extremely compact: only 500mm in length


Print&Verify PV-500+Serializacija




  • Ideal for lines with limited space: machine with Print and Verify module
  • Protective cover
  • Pre-arranged for the majority of thermal inkjet and continuous inkjet systems installation
  • Pre-arranged for the majority of OCR, OCV, Human readable data and 2D code verification systems
  • Ergonomic and accessible for easy machine clearance and management
  • Visibility of the production process
  • On-line operation in the packaging line at speed up to 60 m / min and capacity of up to 400 boxes / min
  • Extremely compact size – only 500 mm long in line length
  • Easy and quick size changeover (no tools needed)
  • A modular concept including printing and verification systems allow easy integration into new or existing packaging lines and combination with equipment from other manufacturers
  • Dimensions of carton boxes: width 35-140 mm, length 60-220 mm, height 15-100 mm
  • User interface for managing all components through 15" touch screen
  • Different types of printers and verification systems
  • ERP/MES data transfer
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant
  • Weight 115 kg









1.1.1       Conveyor belt:                             


  • Double transport conveyor belt (top and bottom belt) enables transport of carton boxes in a fixed position for printing in exact position, on the front or back side
  • Standard width with 70 mm enables reliable receiving of carton boxes from outfeed belts of the upstream machine
  • Box length 60-220 mm
  • Length of bottom belt: standard 500 mm, longer on demand
  • Servomotors with a continuous adjustable speed up to 60 m/min (adjusted to the speed of complete production line)
  • Precise linear guides and threaded spindle for height adjustment of the upper belt based on the box height
  • Digital position indicators for quick and repeatable adjustment of the upper belt height position
  • Format position is saved in format list and displayed in the HMI



1.1.2       Wolke m600 OEM thermal ink-jet printer:


  • Industrial ink jet printer based upon HP technology (bubble jet)
  • Print resolution up to 600 dpi
  • Print head height with one head 12,5 mm, upgradeable to up to 4 print heads with up to 50 mm
  • Print speed up to 300 m / min, with 4 text rows and 2D code 60 m / min
  • Incremental encoder for imprinting synchronization depending on the folded box transportation speed
  • Device status, warnings and alarms indication
  • Ethernet, USB, RS232 communication interfaces
  • I / O lines for PLC controller connections
  • Printing on all porous materials – unvarnished surface
  • Printing all standard codes, including 2D Datamatrix code
  • Printing variable data from databases
  • Remote access and managing printer through a network
  • Managing printing integrated directly from the common single machine monitor HMI
  • Menus, documentation and instructions in English language (other languages on request)
  • Possible to install up to 4 print heads
  • 1 print head included
  • Possible to install also other thermal inkjet printers



1.1.3       Smart Vision camera verification system:


  • System configured to verify 2D code and OCR / OCV control of printed text
  • Verification managed in integrated window in HMI
  • Software for management and administration of the system
  • Managing verification integrated directly from the common single machine monitor HMI
  • Product database including device settings
  • Configurable user levels
  • Simple adjustment for new products
  • Control unit with associated software
  • Possibility to connect up to 4 sensors
  • License for Application module Barcode/Pharmacode and for Application module OCV/OCR
  • Camera AVT Prosilica GC
  • C-mount lens, capture area 60 x 40 mm or as defined (adjusting camera distance from the box)
  • Connection cables
  • Verification system can be extended with additional quality controls - up to 4 cameras for various functions
  • Possible to install all kind of verification systems



1.1.4       Rejection system:


  • Non-verified folded box ejection control based on the results of verification system
  • Product tracking from the place of verification to the place of ejection and ejection control
  • Folded box ejection management based on positive verification
  • Ejection of non-verified boxes with air nozzle or in case of heavier boxes with pneumatic pusher
  • Macrolon plexiglass ejection bin for ejection of non-verified boxes
  • Alarm and optional cartoner stop in case of multiple (adjustable number) consecutive negative verifications


1.1.5       Electrical equipment:


  • Electrical cabinet for machine’s electric equipment installation
  • Stainless steel cabinet, accessible from the back and front side of the machine
  • Power supply connection
  • Elements for power supply and protection of all components
  • SIEMENS SIMATIC S7 1200 PLC for controlling all components and integration of equipment in the entire line process
  • Potential-free relay contacts for signals exchange with an entire line for synchronization of the device with a line
  • 8-port Ethernet switch to connect all components in local area network (PLC controllers, verification systems, printer, computer, etc.)
  • Managing speed of conveyor belts with servo motors
  • All necessary sensors for machine operation
  • Box tracking along the whole machine
  • Ejection control based on results of the verification system
  • Ejection execution control
  • Pressure control of compressed air for ejection
  • All necessary safety switches
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Optical (three colors traffic light) and audible (horn) signaling of the entire plant operation
  • Holders for electrical components installation


1.1.6       Basic frame and protective cover:


  • Protective cover made of plexiglass
  • Specially designed basic frame allows installation and mechanical integration of all functional units - basic transport system for boxes, printing, verification, ejection and all the electrical equipment
  • Regarding the user requirements printing and verifying can be on left, right and both side of transport belt
  • Stand for 2-axes precise positioning (height and depth) of the print head and camera         
  • Construction enables adjustment of camera and print head position when changing the product
  • Stand for vertical positioning of top belt regarding the height of boxes
  • Precise linear guides and threaded spindle for mechanical adjustment of all components  
  • Digital position indicators for quick and repeatable adjustment of all components
  • Format position is saved in format list and displayed in the HMI
  • Stable construction with legs to adjust the working height


1.1.7       Integrated information support for machine managing:


  • Integrated HMI (Human machine interface) for managing entire device and all the components from a single location (Touchscreen)
  • IPC, UPS, 15-inch LCD touchscreen and installed Windows 7 Embedded
  • All components of device (PLC controller, verification systems, printer, computer, etc.) are connected to the local network, which enables optional connection with remote access in case of troubleshooting, control, configuration and management of complete device and all the components. By assigning remote access rights it enables remote assistance, problem and error locating and total machine maintenance
  • Built-in PC for managing all processes and all relevant data and events, generating reports, communicating with MES/ERP and visualization of all processes
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant, complete audit trail etc.
  • Device monitoring (status of all individual subsystems, current capacity of the machine, running out / out of media, integrated display of all the warnings and errors from the individual subsystem, drives error, etc.) and based on all these data relevant signalization and reports
  • All events are recorded in the log file. The entire operation history of the machine and all marking processes can be analyzed in case of any problems
  • Enter and change data is accessible only to users with correct user rights with their username and password – accessible to different user levels (eg. operator, technician, technologist, maintainer, administrator)
  • Reports generated in PDF or other formats
  • Content of reports in accordance with the user requirement specifications
  • Reports saving and printing via Ethernet network (network printer via TCP / IP protocol)
  • Keeping statistics: the number of all / good / ejected boxes
  • Service mode for testing and adjustment of the entire machine and individual components
  • All menus in English language (other languages optional)



1.1.8       2D cordless handheld scanner:


  • 2D cordless handheld scanner for data entering, 2D code checking and optional manual reworks in serialization and aggregation 
  • Datalogic PowerScan scanner
  • Scanner reads 1D and 2D codes
  • Scanner supports reading and sending multiple codes in one reading
  • USB interface
  • Robust housing resistant for drops up to 2m




1.2.1       Communication/interface between Line Manager System and Plant Manager System:


  • Communication with database (MS SQL Express)
  • Plant Manager System activates work order, all generated unique serial numbers are transferred to local MS SQL server on the P&V machine
  • Automated generation of work orders list is implemented for user to manually choose specific work order
  • All missing data can be manually entered on machine at batch start
  • Data on used unique serial numbers status is sent back to Plant Manager System during operation (data is transferred based on set period of time or based on actual production quantity)
  • After operator on P&V machine closes work order status of all previously unreturned unique serial numbers (used, non-verified rejected to ejection bin, physical excluded verified boxes, in-process control, unused) together with »Work order closed« status and other relevant data
  • Batch report is created at end of production and sent to Plant Manager System
  • Time and date synchronization with local site’s time server
  • Continuous operation in case of connection loss to Plant Manager System with immediate synchronization on connection reestablishment


1.2.2       P&V integrated user interface extension:


  • Additional Serialization extension in integrated user interface of P&V machine with additional functions for serialization process management
  • Displaying of work order and managing the status of the work order
  • Batch start available only when all cooperating systems are ready for production
  • Calculating work order statistics
  • Batch controls allow different batch statuses on machine
  • System automatically resumes work after reboot in case of power loss while operating in batch mode
  • Test marking in the phase of packing line set up
  • Displaying of all relevant information needed for carton marking
  • Additional alarms and displays for errors monitoring
  • Configuration of the rights for individual operations based on different user levels
  • Support for multilingualism
  • Local review and export options for audit trail and batch reports stored on Plant Manager System.
  • Creation and modification of recipes and print templates stored on Plant Manager System.
  • Local review and export options for recipes stored on Plant Manager System.


 1.2.3       P&V functional serialization extensions:


  • Extending the communication with the printer with support for sending assigned unique serial numbers intended for printing
  • Extending the communication with a verification system for sending assigned unique serial numbers as reference for the verification content
  • Printer operations and verification system synchronization control
  • Logging changes of the serial numbers status for later sending data back to Plant Manager System
  • Audit Trail extensions for new operations
  • Wide support for different countries regulatory requirements


1.2.4       Subsequent manual operating with verified boxes:


  • Software for manual managing status changes of verified boxes in further processing of boxes in the packaging line
  • Status changing due to in-process control execution
  • Status changing due to withdrawing boxes from stretch banding machine, withdrawing on case packer, rejection of non-verified code of case transport label, withdrawing on palletizing unit
  • Code reading on withdrawn boxes with wireless handheld scanner
  • All withdrawn boxes status must be first changed to “withdrawn” and only after that boxes can be returned on to the manual insert station for boxes in front of PV system



1.3         OPTION - Domain users – Active directory User management:


  • Upgrade of HMI for managing and administration of user rights with Active Directory
  • Usage of domain users (Active Directory)
  • User rights set within group to which domain user belongs to in domain structure
  • User rights of each group are set locally
  • n case of loose of computer network possibility to login with predefined local user accounts (same as standard non-domain user procedure)
  • Audit trail upgrade



2.            DELIVERY TIME


  • Standard machine delivery, installation, commissioning and testing in 4 months


3.            WARRANTY:


  • 12-months warranty period
  • optional 24-months warranty period (additional 4 % of purchased value)
  • in case of error service technician will arrive on site in no longer period than next working day
  • phone technical support is available, in case of enabled remote access direct on-line support is available
  • optional Service Level Agreement for regular standby and max. response time 4 hours or in case of remote access 1 hour


 4.            PRICE:


Price includes:

-       Recording situation

-       Technical solution preparation

-       Production of machine parts

-       Configuration regarding the required specifications

-       Electrical and mechanical equipment assembly

-       Commissioning the supplied equipment

-       Testing of machine operation

-       Technical documentation

-       Validation documentation

-       IQ and OQ realization, PQ participation

-       Training customers’ operators and technical staff